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Laundry Room too Small? Learn to Maximize Space

Is your laundry room more like a laundry hall or closet? You’re not alone. Many homeowners in Carrollton have the same frustrations with their too small laundry space. Here are some great ways to maximize what you are working with:

1. Think About Your Storage. 

What does storage look like in your laundry room? Just have a shelf or two? Swap out build-grade shelving for nice cabinets that go to your ceiling to not only maximize your space, but to also store your things like detergent, dryer sheets and cleaning supplies out of sight.

2. Add a Counter. 

If you have front-loading machines, adding in a countertop over them will give you dedicated space to fold your clothes. Add some nice baskets to catch your things and prevent clutter!

3. Build in a Drying Rack. 

Add a collapsible drying rack to your space so you can easily dry things when necessary and store it when not in use.

4. If You Can, Add a Closet. 

If you can stack your washer and dryer, you may be able to squeeze in a closet with shelves and storage hold towels, paper goods, your mop and bucket, or a vacuum.

5. Buy or Build Your Own Pedestals. 

If you don't have them already, consider purchasing the pedestal drawers that match and go under your laundry machines. Another option is to build your own pedestal (or have us build them for you!) drawers or open shelving below your machines to hold laundry baskets.

6. Use All Your Space. 

Think about adding shelving above your door to hold seasonal items and other things you store in your laundry room. Consider the space between your machines and see if it's wide enough to add a laundry cart, too.

If you want to re-do your laundry room, Chipman Contracting would love from design to build out!

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