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Channel Your Inner Joanna and Shiplap Your Home

If you’re a fan of the favorite HGTV home improvement show Fixer Upper, you probably already know some of the critical components of hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse style: lots of gray, butcher block counters, exposed wood beams, and of course, shiplap. If you’re considering redecorating your North Dallas home in the Gaines’ style, shiplap is a must do for your modern farmhouse.

What is shiplap? Shiplap is rough-sawn or milled, thin pine boards installed horizontally or vertically with a distinctive gap between each board. Before becoming a must-have for inside the home, shiplap was typically used outdoors for constructing barns, sheds, and other outbuildings. Chip and Joanna made shiplap popular for the modern day by using it in the interior of the home in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas.

Traditional shiplap has a groove at the top and bottom of each board called a rabbet. This groove allows the boards to “lap” over one another and fit together tightly to seal out water and wind (an important factor when using shiplap outside). When the boards are installed together, the groove causes a small space to appear.

Most shiplap today does not have the traditional groove on each piece, which is fine because it is not installed on the outside of the home to protect against the elements. Instead, modern shiplap is installed with a space in between each board.

Where can shiplap be installed? Joanna Gaines has shown viewers that shiplap can be installed anywhere (even in a shower!), but many people in North Dallas are installing shiplap on walls and ceilings of their kitchens, family rooms, or breakfast areas as a way to accent or set off a particular space.

Is installing shiplap difficult? Installing shiplap, while not necessarily difficult, can be a time consuming and calculating process. The boards of shiplap are often staggered to give a less uniform appearance, so making sure you measure and measure again are critical to ensuring that all of your boards fit. You will also want to make sure you're installing your boards securely into wall studs, so you don’t end up with boards coming loose or falling off your wall.

If you love the look of shiplap, but do not want to tackle the project yourself, call Chipman Contracting at 972-841-5082 instead!

We can install your shiplap and more to make your modern farmhouse dreams come true!

Hardwood Floors

Are you thinking about installing hardwood floors, but are you intimidated by the horror stories about maintaining them? Don’t believe everything you hear – hardwood flooring is not only a beautiful addition to your home, but is also very durable when cared for properly. Chipman Contracting installs all kinds of flooring in homes across the Metroplex, including hardwood.

Remember these Tips When Caring for Your New Hardwood Floors:

Minimize Hazards. While hardwood is very durable, that doesn’t mean its indestructible. Depending on the type of wood you select, it’s a good idea to use felt feet on your chairs and other furniture to prevent scratching when being moved. Trim your pet's nails to avoid marking the floor, too.

Clean with Care. We recommend that you sweep your floors with a broom, but if you must use a vacuum, use an attachment designed for hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring attachments typically have soft bristles designed to not mar your floor's finish when you use them.

Keep them Dry. Clean up spills or pet accidents immediately to prevent damage. Do not use furniture polish or oils on your hardwood flooring. They may affect the finish and can make your flooring extremely slick.

You can mop your hardwood floors. We recommend mopping with a barely damp mop and using a floor cleaner designed for hardwood floors, like Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or Murphy’s oil soap. Avoid using harsh cleaners and do not use steam mops, as steam mops force moisture into the wood that could cause warping or buckling.

Be Weather Wise. Rain and sleet can impact your floor's finish. Minimize the mess by putting down mats both outside and inside your door for guests to wipe their feet. This will also cut down on the dirt that is tracked into your home.

Do you want to hear more about hardwood flooring? Give Chipman Contracting a call today to learn about all of the kinds of flooring we offer at 972.841.5082

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