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2018: The Year of New Kitchen

Is 2018 the year you remodel the kitchen of your Frisco home? If you're ready to tackle a kitchen redo in the New Year, take a few steps before hammers start swinging to determine precisely what you want before demolition begins.

What Are Your Biggest Needs?

Do you want a bigger kitchen? Need more storage space? Want to maximize work areas? Just want to modernize your space? These are questions that will help you determine the size and scope of your project.

Writing down what you need and want in a new kitchen will help you translate your vision into your contractor's reality. Think about the layouts, features, and materials of the kitchens of your friends, neighbors, or even those found on Pinterest and print out or write down what appeals to you. Keep your notes and printouts in a binder to go over with your contractor.

It may be tempting to pick popular trends, but try to find timeless elements that will make your home attractive for resale. This includes colors, backsplash choices, and countertop materials.

Determine Your Budget

A good rule of thumb for how much you want to spend on your kitchen remodel is no more than 20 percent of your home's market value for the work itself. Add in 20 percent more for contingency expenses should problems arise during the remodel.

Hire a Qualified Contractor

Hiring a professional and well-qualified contractor takes you one step closer to the kitchen of your dreams. Look for licensing, ask for references, and make sure the companies you research are insured. You should ask for at least three estimates from qualified vendors to determine not only the best price but also the best value.

Are you looking for a trusted, well-qualified and professional contractor to make your kitchen remodeling dreams come true? Look no further than Chipman Contracting. Call Chipman Contracting today at 972-841-5082 for your consultation and estimate.

Bathroom Remodel

Do you love your bathroom or are you just living with it? Do you wish you had more storage? Dreaming of upgrading your builder basic shower and fixtures? If you want an update and you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Chipman Contracting will guide you through each step of the design and build process to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Some things to consider when thinking about your bathroom renovation:

  1. Upgrade your Shower. It’s time to trade out that fiberglass, one-piece builder level shower for something grander. Ceramic tile is easy to clean, making it a popular option over glass or glass block. Many people are opting to add in additional features like built in bench seating, multiple shower heads, and storage shelves.
  2. Consider New Counters. Countertop upgrades are a must during your renovation. Swap out the faux marble or Formica for granite or quartz for a drastically different look.
  3. Focus on Fixtures. Swap out old brass, chrome, or crystal fixtures for new brushed bronze or nickel finishes. Choosing a high-quality option will lend to durability over time. If you’re not sure what would best fit your style or budget, just ask us for a recommendation!
  4. Picking Privacy. Putting the toilet behind closed doors is a popular trend in bathroom remodels and a must have for shared bathrooms. We can design a private space that separates your toilet from the rest of your bathroom.
  5. Do a Double Take on Your Vanity. Double vanities just make sense. No more fighting over the sink or the mirror in the morning. A double vanity not only gives you a second sink, it doubles your storage space below, too!
  6. Super Storage. We can also help you stay organized and increase your storage space by adding cabinets and built-ins. Some customers choose to add additional closets for linens or bulk items.

Do you have a dream bathroom design in mind? We would love to hear about your plans! Call Chipman Contracting today at 972.841.5082

Choosing a Countertop in Carrollton and North Texas

You’ve picked out your new flooring, approved all new appliances, and even refinished your cabinets. The only thing left to do is select the perfect countertops to finish out your kitchen renovation. Not only do you want to make sure to select the perfect color, you also want to pick the right material. We’ve done the leg work for you and compiled the pros and cons of some of the hottest countertop materials on the market right now.

Questions About Quartz

Quartz is a great option for many people, because it is extremely durable. It is heat and scratch resistant, and also resists stains. Quartz is also easy to clean- and does not need special cleaners. Since it is so resilient, it ages well and can last for decades. Quartz, although made from natural stone, is manufactured for countertops. This factor makes it more difficult to reproduce a natural look, compared to marble or granite.

Considering Concrete

It may surprise you that concrete countertops are made from regular concrete mix and then colored to match your space. They are heat and stain resistant- but only if sealed. If concrete counter tops are not sealed, not only are they susceptible to staining and heat damage, but can also be prone to bacterial growth.

More About Marble

The unique, natural look of marble makes it a popular option for many homeowners. Marble countertops age well- but you have to take care of them. Marble is a natural stone, so it is very porous and requires a sealer to prevent stains. When caring for marble countertops, you should take care to avoid using harsh cleaners to prevent damage.

Guessing About Granite?

Like marble, granite is a natural stone. This lends to beautiful and unique looks. Like quartz, granite is extremely durable. It holds up against stains- but like concrete and marble, it must be sealed. It is also susceptible to scratching and burning, so it must be handled with care.

If you’re considering new countertops or have questions about what countertop material would work best for your kitchen, call Chipman Contracting today at 972.841.5082.

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