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Light Up Your Life with New Kitchen Lighting

Looking to brighten up (see what we did there?) the lighting in the kitchen of your Carrollton home? 
Chipman Contracting can help you design a lighting plan that both meets your needs and looks beautiful. 

To create your new lighting plan, we suggest you: 

Think About Your Space. The first thing you should do when considering a new lighting plan is to consider what activities will be taking place in the space. You're going to need to see when cutting vegetables or straining spaghetti. Think about lights over your cooking surface and underneath your cabinetry to make food prep easier.

Other things to consider are an office space or command center that may need additional light, lighting in your pantry, and eat-in dining areas.

Tip: We suggest you start your lighting plan using a three-fold approach: basic lighting lights the space pace, task lighting illuminates work areas for food prep, and accent lighting creates focal points in your space.

Think About Your Style. Once you figure out the layers of lighting you need, you can then move on to think about what kind of lighting you want. The style and decor of your home are going to help dictate your lighting choices. Is your home farmhouse, modern, traditional, or something else?

Do you want decorative lighting fixtures like chandeliers or pendant lights? What about recessed can lighting or downlights in some areas? Find a funky lamp at Ikea that you love? During this phase, you will put to together the elements you like for your space.

Tip: Search on Pinterest or your favorite home decor sites to see what styles of light fixtures are trending now.

Think About Bulbs. It is also important to consider what kind of bulbs your new lighting will use. Incandescent bulbs give off a soft, warm, and yellowish light, best used in recessed cans or downlights. Halogen lights are bright and white and great for task areas such as counters or your center island. LED lighting is also great in the kitchen and can focus in on specific areas. LED lights use less energy than other kinds of lights.

Tip: Don't forget about fluorescent lights - although they are not always popular, they last a long time and use very little energy. They also come in different shades now - which may win you over. 

Want new lights in your kitchen? Let us know! Call Chipman Contracting today at 972-841-5082 for a consultation.

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