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Plano Homeowners – Why You Should Replace Your Windows

When you think about home remodeling and renovation of your Plano home, you probably think about things like new cabinets, a kitchen upgrade, and maybe even changing your flooring, but do you think about replacing your windows? Replacing your windows may not be as glamorous as some of the projects we just mentioned, but it is something to consider if your home is over 10 years old.

Consider replacing your windows if they have damaged or broken frames or sashes, or if they have become warped. High Texas temperatures and regular sun exposure can cause windows to warp or age prematurely. Windows that stick, and won’t open, or won’t stay open are windows are good candidates for replacement.

One more weather-related reason to replace your windows – if they’ve been through severe weather. The winds and humidity of storms like hurricanes and tornadoes can compromise the integrity of your windows, and leave you at risk of mold or other damage.

If your windows are damaged, in disrepair, or look old, that also impacts how your house will look. Consider how your windows are affecting your overall curb appeal and replace if necessary.

Another reason to replace your windows is that you are noticing higher electric bills. Over time, window seals wear away and stop keeping the outside from coming into your home. Worn seals mean your home’s heating and cooling system has to work harder to maintain temperatures.

Also, when this seal is worn away, pests can find their way into your home, too. Replacing your windows with newer, Energy Star Efficient windows can reduce your heating and cooling costs and keep pests outside. (Note: Some electric companies provide rebates for window upgrades.)

If you’re thinking about replacing your windows and wondering what kind of window is best for your home, call Chipman Contracting today at 972-841-5082.

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