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Plano Homeowners – Why You Should Replace Your Windows

When you think about home remodeling and renovation of your Plano home, you probably think about things like new cabinets, a kitchen upgrade, and maybe even changing your flooring, but do you think about replacing your windows? Replacing your windows may not be as glamorous as some of the projects we just mentioned, but it is something to consider if your home is over 10 years old.

Consider replacing your windows if they have damaged or broken frames or sashes, or if they have become warped. High Texas temperatures and regular sun exposure can cause windows to warp or age prematurely. Windows that stick, and won’t open, or won’t stay open are windows are good candidates for replacement.

One more weather-related reason to replace your windows – if they’ve been through severe weather. The winds and humidity of storms like hurricanes and tornadoes can compromise the integrity of your windows, and leave you at risk of mold or other damage.

If your windows are damaged, in disrepair, or look old, that also impacts how your house will look. Consider how your windows are affecting your overall curb appeal and replace if necessary.

Another reason to replace your windows is that you are noticing higher electric bills. Over time, window seals wear away and stop keeping the outside from coming into your home. Worn seals mean your home’s heating and cooling system has to work harder to maintain temperatures.

Also, when this seal is worn away, pests can find their way into your home, too. Replacing your windows with newer, Energy Star Efficient windows can reduce your heating and cooling costs and keep pests outside. (Note: Some electric companies provide rebates for window upgrades.)

If you’re thinking about replacing your windows and wondering what kind of window is best for your home, call Chipman Contracting today at 972-841-5082.

New Colors for Your Frisco Home

Are you having problems picking the perfect new paint color for your Frisco home? You’re not alone. Many of our customers struggle when it comes to this part of their home renovations. We know that picking a paint color or colors can be intimidating and even a little bit scary, so we’ve put together a few strategies to help make the paint-selection process easier for you.

Get Inspired. Look at your home’s furnishings, décor, heirlooms, and the other things that you love in your home to find colors that compliment your style. Websites like Pinterest or Houzz are great ways to find colors or color schemes. 

Resist Fads. We know that it is tempting to go with colors that are trending because of popular home renovation TV shows, but when the Gaines’ farmhouse gray goes out of style, and chartreuse becomes the new hot color, you may find yourself wanting to paint all over again. Instead of going with fads, select colors that are neutral and timeless. This way, you can simply update your décor instead of overhauling your walls when you want to make a change.

Consider the Big Picture. One of the major mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to painting is using too many colors or color transitions in their space. Using drastically different colors in the same room or in between adjacent rooms can make your interior seem choppy or disconnected. Use colors that are similar or complement each other for a smooth transition and more natural feel.

Take the Test. Once you’ve selected the color or colors you like, paint large areas on multiple walls throughout your home to see how the light affects the color throughout the day. You may love that gray in the morning, but it could look bluer in the sun of the afternoon or more brown in the evening when the sun goes down. Leave your sample sections up for at least a week to decide if you love the color or want to make a switch to something else.

Find the Right Finish. Once you’ve picked your out your paint color, select a finish that works best for your home or a particular room. Areas of high traffic and use are perfect for a flat or satin finish, while eggshell works best in areas like living rooms and entryways.

Hire a Professional. While painting is a home project you could totally undertake on your own, it requires a lot of time and effort to complete. Hiring a contracting company like Chipman Contracting means getting the job done quickly with professional quality results.

Looking to paint, remodel, or renovate your North Texas home? Call Chipman Contracting today at 972-841-5082.

Remodel or Move

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your house- but you’re really not sure if you want to move in this fast-paced market? Remodeling your home may be your best option. Chipman Contracting helps homeowners in Carrollton and many cities across North Texas get the space they need without the stress of moving.

Reasons to Remodel? 

Staying is Stable. Moving is one of the most stressful situations in life- listed just after divorce and loss of a loved one. It’s especially when you factor in what you will be leaving behind. Over the years, you’ve probably grown pretty attached to your house, neighbors, schools, and your neighborhood.

The Market is Moving Fast. The real estate market is moving fast, and the search for your next home may take a while. If you’re not prepared for the stress of searching for a home and the stress of selling your existing home, remodeling is for you. 

The Fear of the Unknown. Moving into someone else’s house could mean inheriting someone else’s (expensive) problems. You know your home like the back of your hand. You know when had essential maintenance, when you replaced the roof, and that the third stair from the top creaks when you step on it.

Get What You Want. When you remodel, you can choose everything you want instead of having to move into a home that may not have everything you want or need. You can skip settling on a house you aren’t totally in love with by remodeling the house you already love. While building a brand new home is an option, it is often a very lengthy and costly process. You may also be limited by available styles and materials your builder offers while remodeling your home brings you endless options to upgrade and update. 

If you dream it, Chipman Contracting can do it. Call us to today at 972.841.5082 to schedule a consultation to discuss your remodeling plans.

Fall To Do List

It’s time to talk fall, y’all. Yes, we know it’s hot and warm out, but fall is just around the corner. It may be hard to believe, but now is the perfect time to tackle your fall maintenance checklist. If you don’t have a fall maintenance checklist already- don’t worry. Chipman Contracting has created one for you!

Look for Gaps and Cracks. 

Look inside and outside of your home for gaps, cracks, and holes that let in pests, rain, and cold air – and let out heat. Look for gaps around doors, windows, around drain pipes, as well as exterior vents. Examine existing caulking and weather stripping for wear and replace if needed.

Don’t Forget About Your Fireplace

Schedule a fireplace clean out with a certified chimney sweep. Not only will they get your fireplace ready for upcoming cooler months, but they will also make sure your chimney is in good repair.

And Don’t Forget About Your Smoke Detectors

Make it a priority to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms in the fall and again next spring. Note: hardwired detectors and alarms typically also have a backup battery.

Clean Out Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged gutters can cause foundation problems. Grab a ladder and a bucket and spend a few hours on a Saturday making sure your gutters are free from leaves, branches, and other debris. While you’re at it, make sure your downspouts point away from your home and landscaping will prevent erosion and damage.

Tune Up Your HVAC

After a long, hot, Texas summer, your HVAC needs some TLC. Call a licensed HVAC company to inspect your interior and exterior unit for wear and tear. Be sure to change out your AC filter at this time, too.

Review Your Roof

Even if your roof was recently replaced, it’s always a good idea to take a look and make sure your shingles are in good shape. Loose, curling, or missing shingles can let water in, leading to a leak (and likely expensive damage inside your home). Check flashing and vents to make sure caulking is in good shape. Schedule an appointment with a trusted roofer to make repairs or replace your roof.

Making the time for these preventative measures means not having to worry about them when fall weather finally hits Texas. Fall is also the perfect time to remodel your home. For all of your remodeling and home construction needs, call Chipman Contracting at 972.841.5082.

Bathroom Remodel

Do you love your bathroom or are you just living with it? Do you wish you had more storage? Dreaming of upgrading your builder basic shower and fixtures? If you want an update and you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Chipman Contracting will guide you through each step of the design and build process to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Some things to consider when thinking about your bathroom renovation:

  1. Upgrade your Shower. It’s time to trade out that fiberglass, one-piece builder level shower for something grander. Ceramic tile is easy to clean, making it a popular option over glass or glass block. Many people are opting to add in additional features like built in bench seating, multiple shower heads, and storage shelves.
  2. Consider New Counters. Countertop upgrades are a must during your renovation. Swap out the faux marble or Formica for granite or quartz for a drastically different look.
  3. Focus on Fixtures. Swap out old brass, chrome, or crystal fixtures for new brushed bronze or nickel finishes. Choosing a high-quality option will lend to durability over time. If you’re not sure what would best fit your style or budget, just ask us for a recommendation!
  4. Picking Privacy. Putting the toilet behind closed doors is a popular trend in bathroom remodels and a must have for shared bathrooms. We can design a private space that separates your toilet from the rest of your bathroom.
  5. Do a Double Take on Your Vanity. Double vanities just make sense. No more fighting over the sink or the mirror in the morning. A double vanity not only gives you a second sink, it doubles your storage space below, too!
  6. Super Storage. We can also help you stay organized and increase your storage space by adding cabinets and built-ins. Some customers choose to add additional closets for linens or bulk items.

Do you have a dream bathroom design in mind? We would love to hear about your plans! Call Chipman Contracting today at 972.841.5082

Hardwood Floors

Are you thinking about installing hardwood floors, but are you intimidated by the horror stories about maintaining them? Don’t believe everything you hear – hardwood flooring is not only a beautiful addition to your home, but is also very durable when cared for properly. Chipman Contracting installs all kinds of flooring in homes across the Metroplex, including hardwood.

Remember these Tips When Caring for Your New Hardwood Floors:

Minimize Hazards. While hardwood is very durable, that doesn’t mean its indestructible. Depending on the type of wood you select, it’s a good idea to use felt feet on your chairs and other furniture to prevent scratching when being moved. Trim your pet's nails to avoid marking the floor, too.

Clean with Care. We recommend that you sweep your floors with a broom, but if you must use a vacuum, use an attachment designed for hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring attachments typically have soft bristles designed to not mar your floor's finish when you use them.

Keep them Dry. Clean up spills or pet accidents immediately to prevent damage. Do not use furniture polish or oils on your hardwood flooring. They may affect the finish and can make your flooring extremely slick.

You can mop your hardwood floors. We recommend mopping with a barely damp mop and using a floor cleaner designed for hardwood floors, like Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or Murphy’s oil soap. Avoid using harsh cleaners and do not use steam mops, as steam mops force moisture into the wood that could cause warping or buckling.

Be Weather Wise. Rain and sleet can impact your floor's finish. Minimize the mess by putting down mats both outside and inside your door for guests to wipe their feet. This will also cut down on the dirt that is tracked into your home.

Do you want to hear more about hardwood flooring? Give Chipman Contracting a call today to learn about all of the kinds of flooring we offer at 972.841.5082

Choosing a Contractor

Are you looking for a trustworthy and professional contractor to handle your home remodel, repair, or renovation? Chipman Contracting offers you some tips to consider when finding someone responsible and reliable to work on your home. 

  1. Look for a license. When searching for a contractor or any other professional to work in your home, the first step you should take is to find out if they are licensed. Licensed professionals have met state and local requirements for education in their field of expertise, which gives you peace of mind that the work they will perform in your home will be high quality.
  2.  Check for insurance, while you’re at it. It is important to use contractors that have insurance. Most states and many municipalities require that contractors carry insurance. This will protect both you and your contractor if damage occurs. 
  3. Ask for references. Be sure to ask any potential provider for reference contacts, and be sure to follow up with those references to see if your contractor provided quality work and the customer was satisfied. 
  4. Ask around. When looking for a contractor, you should use someone you know you can trust. In many cases, your friends, family, and neighbors likely have a preferred professional in mind.  
  5. Check for ratings or complaints. Do your research and check reviews of the contractor on local business pages, sites like Angie’s List, or with the industries state professional licensing organizations. Also check with your local municipality for any information they may have about your provider.  
  6. Permit Pros. In some cases of remodeling, permits must be pulled. Responsible and knowledgeable professionals understand the permitting process and will handle those details accordingly. 

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy contractor? Look no further than Chipman Contracting. We are your first stop for full service remodeling and renovations, and would love to talk to you about how we can help update or renovate your home. Call us today at 972.841.5082.

Choosing a Countertop in Carrollton and North Texas

You’ve picked out your new flooring, approved all new appliances, and even refinished your cabinets. The only thing left to do is select the perfect countertops to finish out your kitchen renovation. Not only do you want to make sure to select the perfect color, you also want to pick the right material. We’ve done the leg work for you and compiled the pros and cons of some of the hottest countertop materials on the market right now.

Questions About Quartz

Quartz is a great option for many people, because it is extremely durable. It is heat and scratch resistant, and also resists stains. Quartz is also easy to clean- and does not need special cleaners. Since it is so resilient, it ages well and can last for decades. Quartz, although made from natural stone, is manufactured for countertops. This factor makes it more difficult to reproduce a natural look, compared to marble or granite.

Considering Concrete

It may surprise you that concrete countertops are made from regular concrete mix and then colored to match your space. They are heat and stain resistant- but only if sealed. If concrete counter tops are not sealed, not only are they susceptible to staining and heat damage, but can also be prone to bacterial growth.

More About Marble

The unique, natural look of marble makes it a popular option for many homeowners. Marble countertops age well- but you have to take care of them. Marble is a natural stone, so it is very porous and requires a sealer to prevent stains. When caring for marble countertops, you should take care to avoid using harsh cleaners to prevent damage.

Guessing About Granite?

Like marble, granite is a natural stone. This lends to beautiful and unique looks. Like quartz, granite is extremely durable. It holds up against stains- but like concrete and marble, it must be sealed. It is also susceptible to scratching and burning, so it must be handled with care.

If you’re considering new countertops or have questions about what countertop material would work best for your kitchen, call Chipman Contracting today at 972.841.5082.

Country Place Master Bathroom Remodel

Country Place Master Bathroom Remodel, was a great project with completely moving the shower and with today's trends there wasn't a need for a bathtub. So that was gutted during our DEMO day! Here's some of the highlights on this Country Place home located in Carrollton, Texas!

  • Complete Remodel moved shower
  • deleted tub
  • Design/Built a larger walk in shower
  • Custom Cabinets
  • New Linen Closet
  • Re-Built Closet With a Barn door
  • Quartz Counter top & shower
  • Heated Floor
  • FrameLess Shower Enclosure

Remember, "Don't move .... Improve". We have you covered with our services. Just a phone call away.


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