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Hate Your Popcorn Ceiling? Try These Tips to Take It Down

Is the popcorn ceiling of your Plano home bringing you down? Want to get rid of the outdated and ugly popcorn texture, but dreading the mess and the upper arm workout removing it yourself requires? Here are seven tips from Chipman Contracting to help you take it down.

1. Before you begin, do a scrape test while the ceiling is dry. Does it easily come off? If not, spray the ceiling with water to dampen it and try again. If the popcorn texture still doesn't budge, you may need to purchase chemicals designed to dissolve the material. Performing the scrape test can help you figure out the best method to use.

2. Next, you need to check for asbestos if your ceiling was installed before 1980. Asbestos is a lung irritant known to cause lung cancer. If your home was built before 1980, you should reach out to the county health department and ask for asbestos testing. If you do have asbestos in your popcorn ceiling, you will want to contact a licensed asbestos removal contractor to remove the popcorn ceiling.

3. Get ready for a mess. We are warning you, removing a popcorn ceiling is a big and messy job. The best thing to do is remove everything from the room you will be working in and cover your wall and floors with plastic to catch debris.

4. Take down fixtures. Before you begin, we suggest taking down ceiling fans and light fixtures to make the job easier. If your fixtures cannot be removed, cover them with plastic and turn off power until your job is complete.

5. Spray to soften. Spray your ceiling with water and let it soak in for at least 15-20 minutes before you try to scrape it. Do not soak your ceiling because you could inadvertently cause damage to other ceiling components. If it is not softened and scrapable after 20 minutes, spray it again and wait about 10 more minutes before you try to scrape again.

6. Once the ceiling is wet and scrapable, you can start to remove the popcorn texture by working in small sections at a time using a wide putty knife or scraper. The reason for working in a small area is to prevent the area you just sprayed from drying before you can get to it.

7. When you're done with the scraping, clean up the ceiling with a damp cloth and assess if you have dings or other damage to fix and sand before painting.
Sound like a lot of work? That's because it is.

Let us do the work for you. Call Chipman Contracting today at 972-841-5082 for a quote for removal and refinishing.

Bathtub or No Bathtub? – That Is the Question

Remodeling your bathroom is a great investment; according to Remodeling Magazine, remodeling a bathroom can return over 60 percent of your investment upon resale. For many people, however, thinking about remodeling the bathroom may also mean taking out a bathtub to create a walk-in shower, but is that a good idea or will having no bathtub affect your Plano home's resale value negatively?

Why Are People Taking Out Bathtubs?

Many people are taking out their builder-grade bathtubs and showers to build a larger and more luxurious walk-in shower. Some options for new showers include in-shower seating, storage, and multiple shower heads.

Many people are also opting to put in larger walk-in showers because they are much easier to get into and out of compared to a bathtub. This is especially important for older populations.

But Will It Affect Resale?

Taking out a bathtub and creating a large walk-in shower does affect resale because it turns a full bath into a three-quarter bath. This can negatively impact resale value. Some buyers will want a large tub for soaking or for bathing children. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, over 50 percent of buyers still want bathtubs.

So, What Should You Do?

If you want to get rid of your bathtub for a walk-in shower, it is safe to take the plunge, but there is something you should consider before you dive into remodeling. According to the National Association of Realtors, it is safe to change your master shower from a bathtub/shower to just a shower only if you have another bathroom with a bathtub. 

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom?

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Forget What the Groundhog Said, Spring Cleaning Season is Here!

Despite the groundhog's predictions, spring has hit Carrollton, Plano, and the rest of North Texas. Spring means rain and flowers, and it also means weeds, yard work, and seasonal chores to cross off your list. Sounds daunting or lack time to spring clean? That's okay. Hit the highlights with these top five tasks.

Bother with Baseboards. It is no secret that baseboards are dust, grime, and hair magnets. Rid your baseboards of dust quickly with your vacuum brush attachment. Then wipe them down with a mix of water and white vinegar. Pro tip: After cleaning them, wipe down with a dryer sheet to repel dust and hair going forward.

Clean Up High. Look at your high cabinets, shelves, ceiling fans, and spaces. Are they dusty? Likely, yes. This happens to many people because we tend to forget to dust what we can't reach. Grab a ladder and a rag and get to dusting!

Wash Down Your Walls. Wiping down your walls can clean off fingerprints, stains, and dust, but be sure to research what kinds of cleaners you can use on your paint. We suggest using a damp cloth to clean your walls or a dry microfiber cloth to maintain your finish.

Clean Behind Your Appliances. Sounds scary, right? Don't stress. Move your appliances to clean up spills, crumbs, grime, and other gross stuff that has rolled underneath or behind your stove or fridge. We also suggest that you very carefully dust or vacuum the coils of your appliances, too. This will help them run more efficiently.

Another quick spring cleaning project to help your home look great this season includes wiping down your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to clean up spills and fingerprints you may not have seen during day-to-day living.

Get your spring clean on! While you're at it, think about how great your space would look with an updated look. We'd love to help. 

Call Chipman Contracting today at 972-841-5082 for a consultation.

Light Up Your Life with New Kitchen Lighting

Looking to brighten up (see what we did there?) the lighting in the kitchen of your Carrollton home? 
Chipman Contracting can help you design a lighting plan that both meets your needs and looks beautiful. 

To create your new lighting plan, we suggest you: 

Think About Your Space. The first thing you should do when considering a new lighting plan is to consider what activities will be taking place in the space. You're going to need to see when cutting vegetables or straining spaghetti. Think about lights over your cooking surface and underneath your cabinetry to make food prep easier.

Other things to consider are an office space or command center that may need additional light, lighting in your pantry, and eat-in dining areas.

Tip: We suggest you start your lighting plan using a three-fold approach: basic lighting lights the space pace, task lighting illuminates work areas for food prep, and accent lighting creates focal points in your space.

Think About Your Style. Once you figure out the layers of lighting you need, you can then move on to think about what kind of lighting you want. The style and decor of your home are going to help dictate your lighting choices. Is your home farmhouse, modern, traditional, or something else?

Do you want decorative lighting fixtures like chandeliers or pendant lights? What about recessed can lighting or downlights in some areas? Find a funky lamp at Ikea that you love? During this phase, you will put to together the elements you like for your space.

Tip: Search on Pinterest or your favorite home decor sites to see what styles of light fixtures are trending now.

Think About Bulbs. It is also important to consider what kind of bulbs your new lighting will use. Incandescent bulbs give off a soft, warm, and yellowish light, best used in recessed cans or downlights. Halogen lights are bright and white and great for task areas such as counters or your center island. LED lighting is also great in the kitchen and can focus in on specific areas. LED lights use less energy than other kinds of lights.

Tip: Don't forget about fluorescent lights - although they are not always popular, they last a long time and use very little energy. They also come in different shades now - which may win you over. 

Want new lights in your kitchen? Let us know! Call Chipman Contracting today at 972-841-5082 for a consultation.

Man Cave Must Haves

Did you resolve that 2018 was the year you were going to transform that spare bedroom finally or that change over that living room that no one can sit in to your “Man Cave”? 

While you are thinking about your dream space, you might want to consider these must-haves:

Seating: A comfy chair or sofa is one of the most important things to purchase for your Man Cave. Think leather, think reclining, think stadium seating, and think something you don’t have to worry about eating a plate of nachos on.

TV: No man cave would be complete without a TV to watch sports or your favorite shows. Mount your TV on an extendable arm so you or your guests can watch from all angles during the Big Game or during Guys’ Night In. Also consider adding built-in shelving or a new entertainment center to hold your speakers and other sound system components, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and gaming systems. 

Bar: Once you are comfy in your new chair with the game on TV, you are not going to want to make a bunch of trips to the kitchen or garage for your refreshments. The solution? Build in a bar and a refrigerator to keep your drinks cold and save you some steps. Don’t forget comfy bar stools for your friends! 

Fun and Games: Consider adding some additional entertainment options like a poker table, pool table, dart board for the ultimate retreat. 

Personal Touches: Your Man Cave is your space, so add in elements like your favorite sports, neon signs and movie memorabilia, prized deer heads, and even dust off those high school sports trophies to store on your newly-built built-in shelves or cabinets. 

Are you ready to build your Man Cave?

Chipman Contracting can help! Call us today at 972-841-5082 to talk design and build!

Laundry Room too Small? Learn to Maximize Space

Is your laundry room more like a laundry hall or closet? You’re not alone. Many homeowners in Carrollton have the same frustrations with their too small laundry space. Here are some great ways to maximize what you are working with:

1. Think About Your Storage. 

What does storage look like in your laundry room? Just have a shelf or two? Swap out build-grade shelving for nice cabinets that go to your ceiling to not only maximize your space, but to also store your things like detergent, dryer sheets and cleaning supplies out of sight.

2. Add a Counter. 

If you have front-loading machines, adding in a countertop over them will give you dedicated space to fold your clothes. Add some nice baskets to catch your things and prevent clutter!

3. Build in a Drying Rack. 

Add a collapsible drying rack to your space so you can easily dry things when necessary and store it when not in use.

4. If You Can, Add a Closet. 

If you can stack your washer and dryer, you may be able to squeeze in a closet with shelves and storage hold towels, paper goods, your mop and bucket, or a vacuum.

5. Buy or Build Your Own Pedestals. 

If you don't have them already, consider purchasing the pedestal drawers that match and go under your laundry machines. Another option is to build your own pedestal (or have us build them for you!) drawers or open shelving below your machines to hold laundry baskets.

6. Use All Your Space. 

Think about adding shelving above your door to hold seasonal items and other things you store in your laundry room. Consider the space between your machines and see if it's wide enough to add a laundry cart, too.

If you want to re-do your laundry room, Chipman Contracting would love from design to build out!

Call us today at 972-841-5082 for your consultation.

Is Your Carpet Telling You Something?

Is your carpet stained? Is it old? Does it smell? Are you tired of paying for carpet cleaning service? If you're wondering if it is time to replace your carpet, here are six signs it's time to find new flooring.

1. Spots and stains. If your carpet is stained, spotty, or stains are not coming up with steam cleaning or spot treatment, it's time to consider replacing your carpet. Pet stains can be especially hard to remove and urine and feces can leak down through the carpet into the padding and concrete below. Urine and feces not only cause odors, but also mold, and mildew to develop. Over time, these things can lead to serious health hazards.

2. Tears. If your carpet is torn and frayed, we're afraid the best solution is to simply replace your carpet. This is because it is very hard to repair damaged carpet or find a match for it, especially a years after installation. You may also find that if you choose the repair route, the job only lasts a few years.

3. General wear and tear. Carpet in high traffic areas such as your hallways and stairs is going to wear out faster than carpet in other rooms. Wear on carpet includes staining from dirt being tracked in and matting when of fibers. Some carpets are more resilient to wear, but all carpet has a limit to how well it will hold up to regular use.

4. You are sneezing more often. If you're sneezing more frequently or experiencing more allergy symptoms, it is time to replace your carpeting. Carpets trap hair, dander, dust, and other allergens, causing your sinuses to suffer.

5. Your carpet is lumpy or bumpy. Lumps and bumps in your carpet are a sign that the carpet padding is breaking down and it is time for a replacement.

6. It's just old. Shag and even some kinds of Berber carpeting can date your home. If you want to update your look, change your flooring. Carpet is not your only option - other available and trending flooring materials include tile, tile-look wood, hand-scraped wood, and even luxury vinyl.

Is your carpet saying it’s time to be replaced? Call Chipman Contract at 972-841-5082 to discuss your new flooring needs.

2018: The Year of New Kitchen

Is 2018 the year you remodel the kitchen of your Frisco home? If you're ready to tackle a kitchen redo in the New Year, take a few steps before hammers start swinging to determine precisely what you want before demolition begins.

What Are Your Biggest Needs?

Do you want a bigger kitchen? Need more storage space? Want to maximize work areas? Just want to modernize your space? These are questions that will help you determine the size and scope of your project.

Writing down what you need and want in a new kitchen will help you translate your vision into your contractor's reality. Think about the layouts, features, and materials of the kitchens of your friends, neighbors, or even those found on Pinterest and print out or write down what appeals to you. Keep your notes and printouts in a binder to go over with your contractor.

It may be tempting to pick popular trends, but try to find timeless elements that will make your home attractive for resale. This includes colors, backsplash choices, and countertop materials.

Determine Your Budget

A good rule of thumb for how much you want to spend on your kitchen remodel is no more than 20 percent of your home's market value for the work itself. Add in 20 percent more for contingency expenses should problems arise during the remodel.

Hire a Qualified Contractor

Hiring a professional and well-qualified contractor takes you one step closer to the kitchen of your dreams. Look for licensing, ask for references, and make sure the companies you research are insured. You should ask for at least three estimates from qualified vendors to determine not only the best price but also the best value.

Are you looking for a trusted, well-qualified and professional contractor to make your kitchen remodeling dreams come true? Look no further than Chipman Contracting. Call Chipman Contracting today at 972-841-5082 for your consultation and estimate.

Storage Solutions for Your Small Space

Chipman Contracting - Storage Solutions for Your Small Space

Are you feeling cramped? Can’t find the things that you need? No place to put your stuff? Closets and cabinets full? If you’re running out of room or are short on space in your Frisco home, it is time to think about new ways to store your stuff. Chipman Contracting has compiled seven smart storage solutions for you. 

  1. Declutter. Take time to go through your drawers, closets, and cabinets and sort out the items you want to  donate or discard. 
  2. Organize. Organize the items you keep to maximize your space and find things quickly. Staying organized also will reduce stress and frustration when you look for things. 
  3. Use all available space. Think about the narrow nooks and crannies of your home and consider adding hooks or built-in shelving to hold things like books, DVDs, or other personal items. Install shelving or racks on the backs of closet or pantry doors to store shoes, canned goods, or cleaning items. 
  4. Buy double-functional furniture. Consider benches with storage, fold out tables and desks, or even Murphy beds to give you more space.
  5. Combine storage options. Mix it up with drawers, cabinets, shelves, and also open storage options like bins and baskets to keep your space clutter-free. 
  6. Get creative. Store items under beds or tables to make the most of your space. A dust ruffle or tablecloth can help keep your stuff out of sight. 
  7. Designate a drop zone. Consider creating a drop zone in your entryway or laundry room to hold backpacks, purses, and jackets. Fit the area with a rack for shoes to ensure you can always find what you need. 

Are you in need of more storage space? Chipman Contracting can build all the cabinets, shelves, and even closets that you need. 

Call Chipman today at 972-841-5082 to schedule an in-home consultation and assessment to design your new storage space.

Channel Your Inner Joanna and Shiplap Your Home

If you’re a fan of the favorite HGTV home improvement show Fixer Upper, you probably already know some of the critical components of hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse style: lots of gray, butcher block counters, exposed wood beams, and of course, shiplap. If you’re considering redecorating your North Dallas home in the Gaines’ style, shiplap is a must do for your modern farmhouse.

What is shiplap? Shiplap is rough-sawn or milled, thin pine boards installed horizontally or vertically with a distinctive gap between each board. Before becoming a must-have for inside the home, shiplap was typically used outdoors for constructing barns, sheds, and other outbuildings. Chip and Joanna made shiplap popular for the modern day by using it in the interior of the home in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas.

Traditional shiplap has a groove at the top and bottom of each board called a rabbet. This groove allows the boards to “lap” over one another and fit together tightly to seal out water and wind (an important factor when using shiplap outside). When the boards are installed together, the groove causes a small space to appear.

Most shiplap today does not have the traditional groove on each piece, which is fine because it is not installed on the outside of the home to protect against the elements. Instead, modern shiplap is installed with a space in between each board.

Where can shiplap be installed? Joanna Gaines has shown viewers that shiplap can be installed anywhere (even in a shower!), but many people in North Dallas are installing shiplap on walls and ceilings of their kitchens, family rooms, or breakfast areas as a way to accent or set off a particular space.

Is installing shiplap difficult? Installing shiplap, while not necessarily difficult, can be a time consuming and calculating process. The boards of shiplap are often staggered to give a less uniform appearance, so making sure you measure and measure again are critical to ensuring that all of your boards fit. You will also want to make sure you're installing your boards securely into wall studs, so you don’t end up with boards coming loose or falling off your wall.

If you love the look of shiplap, but do not want to tackle the project yourself, call Chipman Contracting at 972-841-5082 instead!

We can install your shiplap and more to make your modern farmhouse dreams come true!

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