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Who is Chipman Contracting?

No job is too large or too small for Chipman Contracting. We have specialized teams that not only tackle major jobs such as bathroom and kitchen remodels, room additions or outdoor living areas, but also small projects such as floor, tile or wall repairs. We complete these jobs professionally and reasonably.

We have been in business since 1994 and are here to help you with whatever you need done. We have a reputation of offering quality service in a timely manner.

If you have watched some of the popular remodeling shows on television, you know that remodeling your home can be very stressful and sometimes become a real horror story. Chipman Contracting assures you we treat all our clients with respect and fairness. All of our employees are professionals. We will complete your project within budget and within code. We will stay in constant contact with you and keep you aware of all aspects of your project. If we encounter issues that were not anticipated in the beginning, we will offer realistic solutions that will keep your project moving forward and within schedule.

Whenever homeowners start their remodeling process, many decisions are necessary. Things like color choice, tile, or hardwood flooring, cabinet style, finish, and so on. Our estimating team has a system to make this process less stressful and even enjoyable. We go through each step of the project together, offering quality choices that assures your project will be within budget.

Our professional team then starts your project. Our motto is, “Chipman Contracting doesn’t work for you; we work with you”. We approach every project as a team effort and want to bid on yours. Call us today at 972-841-5082.

Our Mission: Achieving Your Home Dreams

From your designs to the home you have always desired - getting you there is our mission.

  • By providing exemplary and attentive service to you,
  • By selecting superior grade materials and working with excellent craftsmanship,
  • From the smallest remodeling projects up to full service for your entire home... 

Since 1994, we have been fulfilling all of your design and building needs with skill and quality.

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